registered memory


1850s daguerreotype of Texan woman, clad in cameo jewelry and a fashionable off-the-shoulder dress.
From Southern Methodist University archives.
registered memory
a young adult paranormal novel
One of the novels I am working on...

Frankie Mavor has just discovered she is a medium.  Her gift is one found once in a millennium. Frankie has the ability to hold data- the whole memory of a person's life and  the brief memory of the death. Her life mission is written in stone ages ago- one dedicated to helping the dead move on, should she choose it. The images are often violent and uncontrollable. Frankie feels like a computer component. An instrument used by the afterlife. Haunted. 
An invitation to be tested comes from the 1780 Assembly; the oldest secret society of Mediums and Spiritualist in the country.
Inside the invitation is a haunting photo of a gypsy girl who looks just like Frankie (if  she were living after the civil war.) 
While studying her power Frankie grows closer to the handsome and mysterious Eugene Haas and his twin brother Alabaster Haas whom also study at the Lakeside Center.