Lake Simon Novels

Lake Simon is the pen name for stories written from the Gothic part of me.
These stories are dark and gory. They look into the scary, the paranormal and 
the horrible. 
These are stories that include the sick unmentionable things that happen; the 
kind of stuff left out of gossip when retold in polite society.

Civil Blood is the novel I am working on.


Vampires took advantage during the Civil War in America.
Those days of war set forth events that change the life 
of a seventeen year old girl and her family. 
Autumn is waiting for the love of her life to return from the war.
Then she is marked and wanted by a lonely Vampire.
The moment this Vampire lays eyes on Autumn her world is never the same.
She soon becomes a girl in a corset fighting paranormal events rarely battled before.
Can she survive all the things that may go bump in the night? 
Will Autumn be with the love she has dreamed of or will fate change everything?
Civil Blood is a dark twisted tale set during the Civil War.

This story was inspired by a
photo of a Civil War Veteran.


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