Friday, March 9, 2012

I was a twitter addict. That's not accurate. I am a twitter addict.
It was so much fun adding followers. Figuring out what to write. While I was discovering the rules my WPD output started to dwindle by the day. Then I wanted to actually interact with other tweeters. I didn't even really realize how much time I stalked twitter.
I got pretty bad and my writing suffered.
I realized one day when two writers were in a conversation with me (ME!) on twitter that it was a rush.
I had to stop it with the tweeting. It was writing, yes. But not work toward completing my novel.
I stumbled on tumblr and I thought I should switch platforms to ease out of the addiction to being on the web. One day on twitter someone posted a photo link that took me to tumblr.
Tumblr, I soon found out took only a few minuets to set up my own blog and I was off to the races. I found out tumblr was far too much fun.
I dropped twitter completely in favor of the tumblr blog.
Now I know I have a problem.
So, while going cold turkey would be ideal, I am choosing the two T's as the base of a structured writing day.
Every day I break after each 500 word mark. Then I can go on line and tweet or tumble for 20 minuets. I set the alarm on my phone.
When it buzzes I get back to work.
No word work. No play.
I'm calling it GG's social media rehab.