Monday, December 19, 2011

Tales of The Daywalkers Contest

I am a newbie to twitter. I have discovered so many talented writers, bought and read books I would not have known about except for the connection through twitter.
I discovered writer Erica Lucke Dean on twitter.
I think she is a great writer.
Her blog features a weekly serial vampire tale that I love.
I love getting her story peace meal each week. I have a thing for Charles Dickens. Checking in for the next part reminds me of being part of something as it's being created.
Erica Lucke Dean is having a "Getting into Character" contest: become one of the characters from the Daywalker Chronicles. Take an original photo. The details on entering can be found on her blog.
Here is the link:
You will be able to read the chapters for free.
I highly suggest you visit her site, take a chance and enter the contest.
I had fun doing it myself.
Above is my photo as a hot tempered and hungry Victoria.